Physical violence in schools

There are several factors that lead to rise of violent behavior among kids. Proper steps must be taken at school and home level to prevent children from getting violent.


Parents start dreaming about their child as soon he/she is born. At a school going age the child is admitted to a school. After they start going to school either they become violent or some violent kids attack them. The school violence includes bullying, threatening, theft, rape, fighting with other kids, teachers and principals etc. The violent kids buy weapons like revolvers and knives from illegal sources and use them to hurt or even kill their fellow schoolmates. Internet can be used to search for information about cases of school violence when students have killed other students and teachers. You have to just login to internet and search for school violence physical attacks. Here you would find details about all incidents of physical violence in schools.


Such a violent behavior among the kids signifies ominous signs. Kids indulge in violent acts like killing, threatening, beating and harassing other students. One gets terrified imagining what they are going to do once they grow up?


There is a variety of possible reasons for such behavior among kids:


  1. Home atmosphere: There are chances that a kid may end up being violent if the atmosphere at home is not good and comfortable for the child. If the parents are fighting and abusing each other in front of the kids, they might get a negative impression of that. Children are good at picking habits and thus the parents should avoid fighting and abusing each other in front of children.                                                  
  2. Schools need to take strict action: Strict action must be taken by schools against students who commit violent acts in schools. The atmosphere of school is disturbed by such violence and if the schools are not taking any strict action against such students, they are in a way letting such behavior rise.                                     
  3. Group effect: Violent behavior may also be picked from the group. A child tends to pick up violent behavior from other group members also. At small age, kids have a profound influence of the group of their close friends.                                               
  4. Easy availability of weapons: Easy access to weapons has helped kids to acquire weapons illegally. They buy such weapons and use them to hurt, threaten or even kill their schoolmates.                                                                                                           
  5. Proper checking not done by the school guards: It’s the first and foremost duty of the school guards to check the bags and lockers of the students. If they find anything wrong, the same must be intimated to the school authorities.                             
  6. Stress and depression: Violence also arises from constant depression, stress and anxiety. The children must be given proper support in times of difficulties if they are to be prevented from getting violent.                                


School going age is the best time to remove violent attitude from the kids. If not stopped at this age, this might lead to many difficulties later on. Such kind of behavior is very difficult to be controlled. By giving proper love, affection and care such attitude can be controlled effectively.