Violent crimes during school violence


Many violent crimes had occurred in the schools of the United States of America in the history. If you will look into the history then you will get a large amount of information about these violent crimes. Internet is having all the information about school violence and about violent crimes that had occurred in the past. So, one can see it from there.
What is exactly school violence?
School violence is the violence occurring in schools. It includes issues like fighting with other kids, teachers and principals etc, bullying them, threatening other children, rape, theft and harassing. This kind of attitude not only troubles other students but it disturbs the school atmosphere as well. Because of the violent kids other children are afraid of coming to schools.
It is the duty of the schools to prevent such kind of attitude among children and if a school is unable to do it then it is huge question mark on the school’s credibility. So, a school should definitely make efforts to reduce these kinds of violent crimes. Reducing these violent crimes is not at all easy but by following some steps a school is able to do it-
Ø      Love and affection- there is no medicine that can reduce this violent behavior among kids. But by giving proper amount of love and affection this kind of behavior can be reduced. Love and care is the best medicine for violence.
Ø      Counseling- schools should provide proper counseling to children. Counseling can be done by anyone either by parents or teachers. Schools can also take the help of professional counselors. These professional counselors are quite trained in such kind of issues and can provide right kind of guidance and assistance to the children. They can also give instructions and support to teachers and parents. Schools should appoint these counselors on regular basis.
Ø      Support them during difficulties- parents and teachers should always support children at the time of difficulty. If they are unable to solve problems then they might develop the violent attitude.
Ø      Fame- some students become violent because they want fame. So teachers and parents should always tell them the other better ways of becoming famous rather than adopting some negative behavior.
Ø      Anger management and conflict resolution classes- schools should arrange classes on anger management and conflict resolution as these kinds of classes will help the students in controlling their anger and will tell them various other ways of resolving conflicts.
Ø      Mediation- regular practice of mediation helps a lot in controlling the violent attitude. Mediation relaxes the body and mind and a person feels more healthy and energetic after practicing it. So schools should provide mediation classes to students.
It is the duty of the school to give a right shape to the child’s future. A child’s future is very important for the child, parents and for the nation as well. Nation will grow better if the children of the nation are healthy, strong and are having right kind of attitude.