There is tendency of you to think soberly and invoking curses on children that participate in school violent. This is most likely having read from the newspaper headline scores of innocent souls that were killed or suffer one injuries or the other in school violence.


Rather, the best alternative is to purse and reflect while large numbers of students are going into violent. What are those things that serve as a bait to them?


Whatsoever anyone turns to or who individual eventually become is largely resulting from environmental and circumstantial challenges he had faced at one time or the other. I have never seen a day old child been violent, once again, the hostility or friendliness of any environment is directly reflected on his/her behaviors. For instance, a child that lives all his/her life in boarding school, children raised up by a single parents or abandon children. All these would surely naturally different in life.


Ironically, children learn modern killings, maiming and violent from the movies, TV shows and games. The media and film industries are not helping matter in this regard. They are surprised to be the agent of positive change and out otherwise.


Nowadays, parents and teachers are in pursuit of mundane things at the expense of their children and students respectively. Needless to say that these kids deserve love, affection, encouragement and even scolding where necessary. Since no one is giving them, they find solace in movies, TV show and video games. The side effect of this is the incessant school violence.


Violent parents naturally give birth to violent kids.

All these are controllable with a determined and co-coordinated effort.