School violence is a worrisome and agonizing acts masterminded and cruelly carried out by students with flimsy or no logical excuse. Imagine a scenario whereby you are feeled with the joy that your child is performing excellently in school. But on one fateful day, the child crawled in bleeding, biting and battered. Demanding for what happen, he/she manages to tell you that he/she was physically assaulted by one individual or gangs.


The fact that record confirmed that the gruesome killings in Bath School was dated back to May18,1927simply proof that the enemy called school violence has been in existence close to a century. Thereafter, we have heard about Virginia Tech Massacre, “genocide”, in Columbia High School and many more. That parents and teachers are now having a bias mind about the safety of their kids in school is not really their fault. The fact that many innocent souls of students, teachers and principals have been sent to the early grave calls for sober reflections by all.


The press has done so much by means of media coverage and by making it a front cover from the time immemorial. I salute the coverage of the media for their explicit coverage of all the stage, but I think there is much more to that. Until the why is known in greater detail, the how is not in view, until the course is identified, the effects will linger long. The media as agent of change and socialization should be much more proactive rather than their not too satisfactory reactions. The people have read enough of stories, now the way forward out of school violence is the ultimate. Yes, media by virtue of their coverage can help in enlightening the parents, students, teacher, school administrators and even the government.


School should see for reinforcement from psychiatrists and counselors when their combative efforts to fight school violence are not yielding a desired result. They are uniquely trained in kids’ behavior and psychology. The school can go through the each student profile; this will guide them in decision making concerning each parents.


On many occasions, the children arrive at the conclusion of issue ignorantly because of the inexperience. Parent should by their position fill that vacuum. Schools by obligation deliver academic, social and emotional knowledge to children. It is the work of the parents to practically demonstrate this to their kids. By their nature and fragility, children learn faster by what they see. A conducive environment for uninterrupted learning is needful. Eradication of school violence should be pursued at all cost. It can only be done by mass education rather than outright killing. With love, care and guidance to students, they are simply being helped to become one of the prides of nation.


Finally, let the parents, media houses, teacher and school authorities give a helping hand while school violence is being defeated daily.