School violence and abuse

It is assumed strongly that the 2 significant venues that lay a vital role in framing or shaping the personality of your kid is ‘school’ and ‘home’. What he would become in the future is largely dependent on these 2 places and the type of atmosphere that he is exposed to, in these two specific buildings for a long time.

The personality of your kid is indeed the reflection of what he sees or gets at home as well as school. Therefore, it is of great significance that parents select the school for their child very seriously and actively. Past few years, this matter was not of such importance. Parents used to never worry to go in-depth and find information about the school and its surrounding atmosphere. However as time passed by, this issue has become one of great concern to all the parents. Nowadays most of the schools are infected adversely by a social virus known as school violence.

These days’ schools are not meant as a safe place for your little ones. This is so as different types of violence are seen taking roots here. This includes physical threats along with mental ones to the children. Arms, knives and guns are found in the bags of the children. The bags may also include many other instruments that are hazardous to the innocent kids. Along with this, the usage of abusive or foul language amongst the children is a major contributor to school violence.

The educational system of a country operates with students and teachers participation into it. In order to maintain a smooth and effective working of it, it is essential for the members of the school and the teachers to supervise distinctly of any type of child abuse in the school premises. This matter has to be taken seriously or else, it will take no time to take the shape of school violence in the coming future. All should be attentive enough to see which child is suffering from any type of abuse.

Schools without any strict policy or well planned disciplinary actions are the ones where the incidents of school violence are on an increasing scale. Any type of abuse like behavior or use of foul language, if it is not treated instantly will result to greater forms of abuse that will take the entire form of violence. Therefore, it needs to be instructed to all the schools strictly that any person who is found engaged in such kinds of acts will not be tolerated and will be subjected to strict punishments or disciplinary actions. This is a step further, to prevent the occurrence of such events in the school on repeated basis.

Each child in our system of education has a significant role to play with an aim to keep the young generation happy, safe and protected. Therefore, each one of us should be very careful to supervise the activities of the child in the school or at home. This is the social duty of all to offer a healthy and safe atmosphere to all the kids going to the school.