Controlling Violent Students


Violence everywhere is a reason for concern across the globe and it becomes more serious when this violence is experienced in the schools in the form of school violence. Since, this violence is very closely related with the kids this needs to be treated more carefully as mishandling of these cases might affect the psychological development of the children.
Violence in school is seen in almost all the schools these days. This problem is noticed more in the children when they are in their adolescent age as they undergo the major changes of their life and the kids need to be understood and dealt patience.
There are few signs and symptoms which if noticed closely by  all the staff members and the school authorities can help control the violent students and thus the violent activities that might occur in the schools. If the authorities observe any child losing temper on small incidents in the school or he is misbehaving with his teachers or class mates, it needs to be taken as the possibility of having getting this child turn into a violent child and thus needs to be controlled immediately.
Also, if a child is seen indulging in fighting with other kids, or has suddenly started taking the risks then that also should be taken as the warning sign of something unacceptable to occur.
These signs if monitored properly can help reduce chances of having violent kids in the school but still if someone turns out to be a violent student then utmost care and caution should be taken while treating the student as he should not feel attacked or isolated from other children in the school as it can worsen the situation.
The entire school needs to work as a team to cure such children and proper strategy should be made either with the help of a counsellor or a psychologist to help the child come out of his situation and start behaving as a normal child. If the child is not dealt carefully he might start feeling rejected and this might destroy his case and reduce the possibility of his getting better.
If any of the class mate notices any kind of unusual behaviour from any of his friend or peer he should closely watch him first and then immediately bring it to the notice of any of his teachers or the school authorities. Also he should not stop interacting with the child thinking that he might harm him as he might them feel that the other child is trying to avoid him and this can increase his anger and can result in hatred towards the other child too, rather, speak with the child and make hi understand and realise that whatever is going on in his thoughts is not correct and he might have misunderstood the person.
One needs to understand that the violent behaviour of a child is not a one day problem neither it has occurred due to a particular’s day events or incidents, rather it has been going on his mind for quite sometime and so to get the things off from his head will also take some time and thus one needs to be very patient while dealing with a violent child. It will always be the combined efforts of the parents and the school authorities to help a violent child lead a healthy and normal life.