Reasons for characteristic checklist of a school shooter

It is true that because of violent incidents taking place in various schools all over the world, every one is in problem; either they are parents, school management, teachers or even society people. Today it is not surprising to hear anything about the profile of a school shooter. With such things, now the most important question that appears in the mind of most of the people is that how to recognize the warning signs that can help in telling about the students who can harm them or other school students or teachers?

The answer to above question though appears to be easy but in reality that is not the case. It is really very difficult to detect what is going on in the brain of a student who is going to commit any sort of crime. If we follow the checklist as provided by NSSC or National School Safety Center then we will get an idea about the points that help a lot in this regard. It is important to note that this checklist is derived from the incidents of various deaths caused due to school violence in the schools of the United States of America from July’92 till date.

Also it is important to note that this checklist works as the best reminder to keep in mind how severe the problem of school violence is and what all plans and arrangements can be made to stop it. As per the National School Safety Center the characteristic checklist of a school shooter includes the following:

1.      The person with a past history of aggressive attitude that is uncontrollable.

2.      The person is in the habit of using abusing language, name calling etc.

3.      The person threatens violently in anger as a part of habit.

4.      The person has brought any sort of weapon in school in the school days.

5.      The person has poor disciplinary conduct at school.

6.      The person has background of alcohol or drugs dependency at school.

7.      The person is cruel to animals.

8.      The person is quite depressed in several occasions.

9.      The person is in the habit of cursing others without any reason.

10.  The person is in the habit of watching violent serials, movies, acts etc.

11.  The person expresses violent themes in his writing materials or essays at schools.

12.  The person is involved with various disturbing elements like gangs or various anti social groups.

13.  The person likes reading novels or magazines with violent themes.

14.  The person has problem with his parents or other members of the family.

15.  The person is not treated well in his earlier school days.

16.  The person is neglected in the childhood etc.

The above mentioned are just few characteristic checklist of a school shooter. This checklist can tell if the person can involve in violent activities in future. If proper attention is paid well in time then a person can be stopped from doing violent activities.

If you want to stop school violence then it is important to understand the psychology of the student. It is after you understand the problems of student that you can take preventive measures.