Put an end to School Violence


How to put an end to school violence? Well the question is far too difficult to answer because putting an end to school violence is not an easy task unless each and every person involved in it knows exactly what to do in order to avoid school violence. For example, it is the duty of a parent to make their children grow in an environment which is best for them. Similarly it is the responsibility of the teachers to look after each and every child to avoid the onset of violence in school and it is the duty of the children themselves to understand the perils in having a violent behavior and other forms of violence in schools.
The above statements might sound easy but in a real time situation it is very difficult for each and everyone involved in it be responsible enough to put an end to school violence. However we will discuss on some of the simple ways in putting an end to school violence so that schools can be back to the best at what they are meant to do i.e. imparting knowledge, skills and a proper attitude to the future of a country.
The role of the parents is the most important in case of reducing school violence. If you look carefully it is the attitude of the children which makes him violent or silent. If the attitude is good, calm and stable then the chances of your child to pick up a fight with this fellow classmates or anyone inside the school premises are very less whereas the scenario is completely opposite in the case of a child who has an ill temper and an arrogant attitude. So parents should take care to mould their children to become more calm and silent in their approach. Parents should devote quality time with their wards in understanding them and their problems which will help solve many issues which if not taken care could end up in an ill tempered child.
The role of a teacher in reducing school violence is as important as that of the role of the parents. They should take care to pay attention to each and every individual inside the classroom to make sure that no child is developing any sort of arrogant attitude. They should also make sure that no child is being harassed or dominated by a set of children inside the same class. If anything goes out of hand then it is the responsibility of the teacher to inform and explain things to the parents of that particular ward in order to avoid the chances of school violence.
The role of the students in reducing school violence is also important as well. The child should have that basic common sense on how bad the consequences will be if there is anything out of proportion i.e. an ill tempered behavior or an arrogant attitude etc. The child should be good enough to differentiate a good circle or friends and a bad group of friends. Also they should strive hard to make other students understand the importance of having a very good attitude and a calm exterior.