Appointing guards to stop school violence

There are a lot of school violence cases seen regularly on TV news and newspapers. The threat of school violence is increasing day by day. It is necessary to control this as early as possible. Later it may get out of hands and will not be easily possible for maintaining a calm and peaceful environment in the school. School is meant for education. But increasing school violence is reducing the total number of students attending the school. School authorities, teachers, parents as well as government must take measures to overcome this problem. There are certain measure taken by school parents and government for controlling this big issue of school violence. But this measure does not seem to be enough.

Government should start more programs and conduct lectures in schools so as to prevent students from getting involved in different violent activities. Similarly school should also take measures such as fitting hidden cameras and building up high fences. One more measure school can take is hiring guards to control school violence. Hiring trained guards is necessary. As these guards are properly trained, they very well know how to handle the situation such as school violence. Guards should be placed in such positions that they can get a proper overview of the school. These guards can stop small situations such as harassment or bullying on the spot.

Such small situations only give rise to big school violence. Hire professional security persons who will thoroughly examine the school and guide the school authorities for taking some extra preventive measures to get rid of school violence. These professionals can also hire their guards for the school. Guards should be watchful in areas where there can be conducts of violence such as cafeterias, sports complex, washrooms and other school areas. These guards must be well trained or ex-servicemen who can properly handle any situation related to school violence.  Permission should be given to these guards to warn assault all students who take initiative in spreading school violence. Guards should also keep an eye on the overall behavior of every student.

If a student stays aloof from other companions for a certain time period, the guard should immediately inform this to higher school authorities and a proper action should be taken immediately. Parents should also be involved in maintaining the peace in school. They should have a keen eye on their child and the friend circle so as to avoid the child getting into bad company and involving is some violent activities. Parents should give their telephone numbers to these school guards so that if any time their child is found misbehaving, the guard can directly contact parents.

Guards can also help other students from getting involved in violent activities. Other students can also be saved from bullying and harassing by violent students. These guards can face to any violent situation. They can properly handle situations such as gun violence and can manage to stop student from killing someone or getting hurt. Due to increasing school violence activities, every school must hire well trained guards os as to control violent situations in school premises.