School Violence and its Impacts


United States of America is facing a very serious problem in school violence. Not only United States of America but also the schools in other parts of the world are also facing this issue. The impact of school violence is not confined to the students around but also it poses a severe cause of concern for teachers, parents, the violent students, the school authorities and also the future students as well. If this situation is not dealt properly then it is pretty sure that schools will be nothing less than a slaughter house.
The impacts of a school violence problem are never ending i.e. the wounds take a long time to heal and it will be etched in the hearts of the affected people. Perhaps it can be best explained with the help of an example. Just consider a school where there are violent activities like bullying and physical attacks on the lesser aggressive students. When this happens on a regular basis, the affected students never have an interest to go to schools. They tend to develop extreme fear about a school environment which could prove disastrous for a child’s proper future.
A notable example of school violence that happened in the year 1999 was at the Columbine High school in Colorado, United States of America. There were two students named Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris who took their vengeance on their fellow mates and the school authorities as well by killing them with guns. These two notorious students went on a shooting spree by killing twelve students and a teacher. They also injured twenty three other students during their shooting massacre. The thing to be noted here is the fact that they killed themselves after they were content with the killings.
If you look in carefully on the previous example, it is not school violence exactly. It was a result of the impact of school violence. These two students were constantly bullied by their fellow mates who dominated them and they were fed up with the school atmosphere on the whole. This is the reason why they decided to take law on to their hands and to teach those bullies some valuable lesson. Unfortunately these students were too young to realize what exactly the cost of a life is. I hope this example was sufficient enough to prove how serious the impacts of school violence could be. So it is very important to take steps to counter violence in school.
The steps are quite simple. All it needs is proper care, attention and affection. Yes these three components should be followed by the parents, teachers and other concerned authorities in the school to counter violence in school. Parents should monitor their child’s activities on a regular basis and should be strict whenever he goes overboard. Similarly teachers and the other administration in school should take care of their students in a manner that will avoid the students being victims of school violence and also to eradicate the arrogant attitude in violent students.