School Violence Related Problems In USA

One of the major concerns of today’s word is school violence. A huge amount of schools are affected by this issue. We can no longer avoid the issue as the number of incident is increasing. Therefore everyone related to the education system have taken measures to prevent it.

School is place of study and knowledge not a place of violence and crime. Violence in school not only harms school’s reputation but also disturb the stability f our society. Now is the time to take positive and constructive steps to stop this kind of incidents. And to stop it, first of all we have to understand the problem. We have to find out the reasons behind this violence.  It’s very important to find out the catalyst behind the issue. The most important part is school violence is not any isolated incident any more. Not only the violent child but others are also affected by these incidents.

When we talk about school violence we understand that this is any kind of violence in and around the school campus. The most troublesome part is that often this school violence can lead up to use of dangerous weapons like knife or gun. Use of the lethal weapons often caused death and that defiantly created major concern. It not only put the life and future of the violent kid in uncertainty but children around as well teachers and parents also get affected by the situation.

Few very common problems related to school violence:

ü  Gone those days when school was a place of joy, peace and happiness. Due to the incidents of school violence we all are now very much concern about the school environment. A constant insecurity haunts the students in school campus now. Threat, theft, vandalism became a part of school campus. And not only student but everyone related with the education system from the higher authority to teachers are affected by school violence. Parents became more and more concern and sensitive about sending their kids to school.

ü  Undoubtedly it created major effect on studies. Due to the constant fear and uncertainty students cannot concentrate. That create an effect on their grades and thus future of the student looks unstable.

ü  A student who became violent at a very young age can be a serious challenge to the society. If we cannot control the violence behavior then chances are there that he/she can become a serious threat when grown up.

Beside these major points there are many other problems which are directly and indirectly related to the school violence. We have to make sure to stop at as soon as possible and we have to fight against it effectively. The situation is critical already and if the rate increases like this then not only the society will be in danger but our nation’s future also will be very dark.

It is duty of Parents, teachers and school authority to take this issue with highest importance. They must understand the situation and everyone must take positive and constructive steps towards eliminating schools violence.