School violence problems


Today, it is quite common to find news related to school violence in newspapers or other media. But what is the reason behind it? Why is it becoming a regular practice to hear such news every day?
There are various reasons responsible for school violence. Also, though it is surprising but the truth is that such incidences are now getting popular. In the past no school was having such incidences of violence. If we look on the reasons then we will find that as compared to past, today most of the students are facing a unique sort of problem. That problem is related to over expectation from them. They are having the pressure to fulfill the expectations and this gives them stress. This stress then leads to violence in school.
School violence includes slapping, bullying, punching, rape and use of weapons in schools. Children are using these kinds of things in schools to threaten other children. Due to this other children suffer from various kinds of injuries. Violent students are not only giving them physical trouble but mental pressure as well. They are even taking the lives of teachers, students, principals and other school staff by using dreadful weapons like revolver and knives.
Nobody is born with a violent attitude. A child becomes violent as a result of circumstances. If a child is not getting proper amount of love, compassion and support from the home then he/she develops violent attitude. If a child is under severe depression, stress or anxiety then also he/she can develop this violent attitude. Continues watching of the films and television shows that includes violent activity can incur violent behavior in children. This is not the end there are other reasons like friend’s effect, no guidance during difficulties, school is not taking strict actions against such issues and teachers not paying attention etc are the reasons for bringing violence in child’s attitude.
If a child is having violent attitude then it can be reduced by taking proper steps. Large numbers of websites are available on the internet that is providing guidance or assistance on these issues. They are providing dos and don’ts for reducing this violent attitude. These websites are also providing instructions for the teachers, schools and parents that can help in reducing the violent behavior of the child. For getting this particular information you need not to go anywhere just switch on the personal computer or laptop, login on the internet. Once you have access on the internet just go to Google and type school violence. You will get a large amount of information about school violence just by sitting at home or at office. Isn’t great? Yes it is!
If you know a child who is having violent behavior then you know what you have to do.
Children are the future of the nation and it becomes very important for a nation to have a good and genuine attitude among children. So a proper check is required on the problems like school violence.