Hiring guards to stop school violence


Cases of school violence are being reported in newspapers very frequently. School violence occurs either due to one student bullying others or due to some student becoming too depressive and lonely due to varied reasons which can result in him reacting in a very aggressive manner to vent out his deep-rooted ill-feelings. In some cases, you read of students who give vent to their inner frustration by procuring a gun and simply going on a shooting spree and finally taking their own life. With school violence on the rise in schools all over the globe, it is necessary to take some strict steps to stop any form of violence from erupting in school.
It is important to involve all the students, staff members and parents in the process. The security system in a school needs to be tightened by hiring guards from private agencies who are trained to handle such situations. These guards need to be placed at vulnerable positions where acts of school violence are most likely to occur. Guards need to be posted at the school entry, in the hallways and cafeteria areas during breaks and if the school has a big playground, there should be few guards moving around the playground when sports activities are on.
At any point a guard sees a student or group of students indulging in bullying others or a couple of students arguing or fighting over some matter, then they should immediately stop them and take them to the higher school authorities. The guards should reprimand or physically assault the students who indulge in violence. Their duty is to take them to the concerned authorities who will take the required action. While manning the students during breaks, if the guards come across a student who sits alone and not play with other kids for more than few days, then they should take it as an disturbing indication and report the matter to the school authorities so that they can have a word with the child to see if there is something disturbing the student internally.
Parents can maintain a good rapport with the guards and can even give their contact numbers to them. By doing this, if guards see any student misbehaving and being violent, then they can let the parents know about it so that the parents can then speak to their children and make them understand the importance of positive behaviour.
Other than that, students can go to guards for help when some student is bullying them and the guards can stop the bully and take him to the authorities. The students can feel a bit secure in the presence of guards.
In case any student resorts to gun violence, then the guards can immediately pin down the student and manage to stop many students from getting injured or killed. Hence, in today’s times when there are many cases of school violence being reported, having guards can prove to be a good preventive measure to stop any form of violence in school.